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Investing in the Lives of Others

by: Pastor Dan Kemp



I wonder how much time you are "investing" in OTHERS. We have a Master Club Ministry which includes K4-6th Grade (and we even have some older kids that just enjoy the program) and the program is on a TUESDAY night! Not on Wednesday night while Bible Study and Prayer time are going on; not on SUNDAY Evening, while the Sunday Evening service is going on; no, it is on a TUESDAY night! We run a bus and a van and have 12-16 or more adults that come out and "INVEST" in the lives of young kids who need to be… read more

The Importance of being "Soul Conscious"

by: Pastor Dan Kemp



I wonder as a Christian, are you "Soul Conscious"? Do you look for opportunities to talk to people about the Lord, or look for opportunities to share a "thought" that might challenge someone's thinking...or do you just go about the day oblivious to those around you...not caring if they may be going to hell when they die.

I would like to suggest that the reason that most are NOT "Soul Conscious" is because most people are so wrapped up in themselves and their own life that they aren't even aware of those around them. The devil has done such a great… read more

Welcome To The New Olive Branch Baptist Church Website

by: Pastor Dan Kemp



We are so excited to present our newly designed website. As you can see, it has a fresh new look and easy navigation to help you get the information you need quickly and efficiently. Many thanks to the ChurchSpring team for helping us launch such a beautiful new church website. To God be the glory!

Olive Branch Baptist Church's mission is to meet people at the crossroads of life with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to help one another along the journey of spiritual growth. Please let us know how we can help you.

There's still a… read more